Isotonix OPC-3

A Safe, Effective Bioflavonoid Product

In a world of over-processed foods that strip nutrients from the things you eat every day, there must be an effective way to get the necessary nutrients back into your diet.  Some of the most important antioxidants from natural sources can be found in Isotonix OPC-3.  OPC-3 stands for oligomeric proanthocyanidin and can be found in extracts of grape seeds, red wine, citrus, bilberries, and a certain pine bark called Pycogenol.  These are the purest forms of OPCs known today, and so they are all used in Isotonix OPC-3 which is available at

OPC-3 is the scientific name for bioflavonoid.  But what is a bioflavonoid?  Put simply, it is a natural compound found in many plants.  The color differences you see in fruits and vegetables are formed by bioflavonoid content.  When ingested, you will find that the benefits of bioflavonoids are many.  In a nutshell, Isotonix OPC-3, which is bursting with bioflavonoids, promotes cardiovascular health.  With the promotion of healthy circulation provided by Isotonix OPC-3, the life of your body’s cells and tissues are supported which leads to many
other benefits.

The unique isotonic liquid delivery system of Isotonix OPC-3 allows 95% of the nutrients in it to be absorbed by the body, enabling it to provide you with the many benefits offered by OPC-3.  This unique isotonic form of a vitamin is what sets Isotonix apart from other bioflavonoid products.  Some of the benefits may include maintaining levels of cholesterol, normalizing circulation, countering free radicals, strengthening the heart and arteries, providing visual health, improving joint flexibility and much more.  The entire body may be affected when you take Isotonix OPC-3 daily.

When you ingest supplements, you want to ensure that they are safe for your body.  After all, many medications offer excellent benefits but come with a high risk of unpleasant side effects.  You can rest assured that Isotonix OPC-3 is safe and incredibly healthy to add to any diet.  More than 30 years of research have gone into verifying the effectiveness and safety of this Isotonix OPC-3.  Plus, when you put a pure isotonic solution like OPC-3 into your body that is free from preservatives and chemicals, you know it can only benefit your health.  OPC-3 is available at

Isotonic Vitamins offers the following nutrition supplements in an isotonic solution:

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