Isotonic Vitamins

Why They are Preferred Over Pills

Isotonic vitamins come in a crystal powder and, when mixed with water, are delivered in a liquid form.  The word “isotonic” refers to the solute concentration of the supplement.  Isotonic vitamins help the body more readily absorb nutrients. This kind of isotonic liquid vitamin comes in many varieties, including isotonix calcium, isotonix vitamin C, isotonix vitamin D, isotonix B-complex, and the increasingly popular isotonix OPC-3.  Its concentration is purposely made to mimic bodily liquids like blood, tears and saliva.  That way, when it enters your body, the isotonic vitamin can quickly and easily be absorbed into the small intestine.  With pills, the breakdown process is damaging to the nutrients inside the tablet.  Because of this, approximately 20% absorption is all that can be accomplished.  However, with isotonic vitamins, you benefit from a 95% absorption rate.

The proven rate of absorption difference between pills and Isotonix vitamins have scientific results.  Studies say it would take almost five doses of calcium pills to equal the benefits achieved from a single isotonic calcium drink.  Not only are isotonic vitamins more easily absorbed, anyone can take them.  Since they are in an isotonic liquid form, people who cannot easily or do not like to swallow pills can still benefit from the concept of supplementing their diet with beneficial nutrients. 

There are many different kinds of isotonic vitamins that can provide benefits to you.  There are the isotonix multivitamins in isotonic liquid form that offer 100% or more of the needed daily value of many necessary vitamins and minerals to maintain your health.  By taking this kind of isotonic supplement, you also may boost your immune system to prevent infection or disease from hampering your lifestyle.  You could choose a traditional pill option instead of isotonic vitamins, but then you would only be benefiting from 20% of what you could be.  If your diet is lacking or even if you simply want to boost your level of health and your immune system, you can take isotonic vitamins.

OPC-3 is a powerful antioxidant that offers multiple benefits to everyone who takes it.  Then, those with certain conditions may have relief from their symptoms like seasonal allergies, diabetes, asthma, joint pain, high cholesterol and more.  Everyone can benefit from the addition of isotonic vitamins in their daily regimen.  Read the different benefits of each and decide which one, or a combination of them, is best to enhance your specific situation.  Isotonix Vitamins and Isotonix OPC-3 are available at

Isotonic Vitamins offers the following nutrition supplements in an isotonic solution:

OPC-3, Acai, Antioxidants, Pycnogenol, Pine Bark, Grape Seed, Resveratrol, Vitamin C, Calcium Plus, Vitamin B Complex, Multivitamin, OPC-3, Maximum ORAC, Vitamin D, Glucosamine.

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